History from 2201 to 2258 AD

2201 IPX discovers remains of an advanced civilization across Syria Planum. The find is classified as Top Secret. The artifacts are removed to the IPX labs in San Diego.

5 May   An MRA (Metasensory Regulation Authority) scientist dies while researching the artifacts.

2205 Al Bester pursues his first "blip", becoming one himself. He is punished very severely. He becomes the protégée of Sandoval Bey
2206 Lennier born
2209 Narn win their independence from the Centauri after a long war of attrition. They get access to Centauri Tech that was left behind and begin to sell weapons.
2218 3 May   Jeffrey Sinclair born on Mars Colony
2219 John Sheridan born on Earth
2221 Prostitution is legalized and unionized
2228 The Narn overthrow and massacre their Centauri leaders.

Sometime before this the Psi Corps establishes "bloodhound units," special undercover detachments of the Earth military who are accompanied by telepaths. Their mission is to perform random scans of the public and arrest any members of the resistance they come across. - Bester moves to Mars

2229 The Narn began to expand

The Dilgar invade the League of Non-Aligned sectors. The League worlds are devastated by the invasion. Jha'dur leads the invasion and conquest of sectors 24, 39, 64, 58.

Jha'dur wipes out the population of Latig 4 by infecting them with Stafford's Plague.

The Earth Alliance joins in to help the non-Aligned worlds.

The Dilgar conquer the Narn world of Hilak 7. The Dilgar conquer Balus.

Approximate time that Turhan become Emperor of the Centauri

2231 Jha'dur destroys the planets Tirolus, Comac 4 and Malax
2232 Earth Alliance captures Balus.

Battle of Salos. Sinclair's father served in this battle.

At some point, Jeffrey Sinclair's father is killed in the Dilgar War. Sinclair moves in with Father Raffell

2233-2244 This is described as an era of optimistic expansion for Earth.

Some time late in this period, the Minbari hear about the Humans from the Centauri. They elect to not make contact

2234 The Narn occupy the T'll
2237 Miners strike on Ganymede. Ms. Connelly's father is killed during the Strike
2239 The equipment to perform mind-wipes becomes effective enough for use on criminals

A nova wipes out the remaining Dilgar

  • The Canal Wars.
  • The Liberation of the African Bloc.
  • General Franklin is Scourge of Janos 7.
  • Fighting in Israel.
  • Fighting on New Jerusalem.
  • Fighting on Cyrus 3.
  • The Omega disaster. A First Contact failure for Captain Michael Jankowski.
2240 The Narn and the Centauri begin to dispute over Ragesh 3
2243  Frank Kimmer, dies on Europa

12 July   The Grey Council's cruiser in a group of three ships encounters a human convoy fleet, including EAS Prometheus (under Captain Michael Jankowski), EAS Hyperion, and DSEV Amundsen (an EA Explorer Class vessel). Only Delenn can identify what species the ships belong to. Notably on hand are a group of Soul Hunters. The Minbari religious leader Dukhat realizes that the Minbari practice of approaching with gun ports open could be dangerous, but before his order to close them can be carried out, the Earth ships attack; Gunnery Sgt. David McIntyre of the Prometheus fires the first shots of the confrontation that destroys the two Minbari ships, and severely damages the Grey Council's Cruiser; Dukhat is killed. A Soul Hunter is on hand for the death, but is prevented from taking Dukhat's soul by the Grey Council ("Soul Hunter"). Enraged over the death of Dukhat, the order that starts the Earth-Minbari War

Rush act passed?

Europa mining strikes result in the Rush Act being enacted. [It has to have been passed before it can have been enacted].

2246 A deep space "listening post" of 47 humans is established on a moon orbiting a world being used by the Minbari as a Command and Control post. [This world is more or less between Earth and Epsilon 3]. The Listening Post is set up in the ruins of an old city. 46 of the 47 are killed .
2247 May   The Mars government declares neutrality in the Earth-Minbari War [JMSM says this takes place in 2248, but it seems a bit odd to declare neutrality in a war that's already over]. 

The Battle of Sinzar. The Battle of Flinn Colony.

December *Battle of the Line, of 20,000 vessels fielded by Earth, 250,000 people, there are only 200 human survivors (including Sinclair and David McIntyre). End of the Earth/Minbar War. The War ends in 2247 with the suprising surrender of the Mimbari.

Minbari War Cruiser Tregoni, vanishes rather than accept the Surrender.

2248 Beginning of the Free Mars Movement
2249 The inception of the Babylon Project by President Luis Santiago
2250 The EA Senate votes to suspend food shipments to Mars in retaliation for Martian neutrality in the war, against President Levy's objections.

G'Kar begins to serve on the Kha'Ri, Narn Council about this time.

2251 January-April   Food Riots on Mars. Earth Force brutally suppresses the riots, and imposes a provisional government directly accountable to Earth-Dome. During this period, Sinclair and Sheridan meet.

3 April   Charles Ward, the "Black Rose Killer", is sentenced to be mind-wiped at Earth Colony 3 in the Orion system, after committing 9 murders.

2252 The Drazi begin secretly supporting the Raiders attacking smaller races the edges of Drazi space about this time
2253 9 February   David McIntyre is honorably discharged from Earth Force

16 April   Abel horn escapes from Lunis Planum prison base after serving for 1 month.

*Head of the Black Omega Squadron, and several Bloodhound Units of Meta Pol, Bester first hears of the dark movements in the Corps.

*A unnamed person, called "The Blinder", starts murdering telepaths on Beta 2. Bester travels there to look for him. There he meets Lyta Alexander, who is interning with the Psi Cops. Bester engages in illegal scans of civilians, and eventually finds the killer, an Adamite cultist. Rather than simply kill him, Bester twists his mind, eventually trapping him in a cell in a secret facility on Beta, straitjacketed 24 hours a day to keep him from clawing out his own eyes to stop the nightmare visions only he can see.

Rumors of a "Rogue" element in the government begin to spread.

2254 Babylon 4 goes on Line. 24 Hours later, just as the last shuttle is evacuating B4, the station vanishs.

The ship, the Cortez leaves for the Rim

2255 An IPX probe discovers alien ruins "of an unknown alien race" on Alpha Omega 3
2256 Babylon 5 is built and goes on-Line.

The Cortez begins mapping Sector 900.

May   A terrorist bombing of the Io jump gate destroys a passenger vessel.

April  Dr. Chang, returns from a dig on Theta Omega 2, exploring the ruins of the J/Lai.

August   Bester, working with Byron, is nearly killed. He is also present at the assassination of the Psi Corps Director Johnson on Ganymede.

December-January   Miners strike on Ganymede.

3 December.  The Icarus departs for the Rim "traveling to explore the ruins of an unknown alien race".

11 December   The Icarus, dropped off in real space by the Explorer vessel DeSoto, begins to interact with the IPX probe from a distance.

27 December  Official date of the Icarus' destruction.

2257 Sheridan takes the Agamemnon out to the Rim.

The Vorlons make contact with Earth Alliance. The Vorlon Empire sends an ambassador, Kosh Naranek, to Babylon 5. "Narn Protests of EA's B5 Admin Heat" "Oxygen Breather bias on B5? The debate continues"

 "Minbari worlds gather for multi-world arts conference"

"Galactel matrix acquires EA - Centauri comm link" "Two planets join Earth Alliance, Amador and Pepinia full members." 

3 January:   Babylon 5 is dedicated by President Santiago.

March: Del Varner arrives on "United Spaceway Transport Delta-Gamma-Nine" from the Tigris Sector; Lyta Alexander arrives aboard "NG-27" from Earth. Kosh arrives 2 days early (in the evening). He is nearly killed by an assassination plot

March   B5 officially "established".

Early March   Dr. Benjamin Kyle is transferred to Earthdome. [Lyta Alexander is recalled to earth].

4 July   Babylon 5 opens for business.

2258 We are starting here.
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