History from 2013 to 2200 AD


The Russians are involved in some sort of totalitarian governmental coup ("The

2018 The first Lunar colony is established at Mare Tranquilitis
2025 The Iraqis are involved in some sort of totalitarian governmental coup
2035 Last gasoline powered motorcycle built ("Eyes").

Chilean War in Antarctica (N-Dark Genesis).

2047 Station Prime completed.
2050 Two Vorlon vessels hide out under the Antarctic ice cap and begin abducting humans visiting the continent (N-Dark Genesis).

The last known techno-mage was killed.

2055 11 May   "Time begins" for a sect of Mayan priests at Qahsah cave in the Yucatan
2057 4 July   Ares 3 lands on Mars with a multinational crew of 4
2059-62 The number of "alien contact" cults peak [indicating the point at which the Vorlons alter humans to create telepaths]
2061 12 April   The Lunar Colony is established ("The Illusion of Truth"). [*GAME* establishes the Armstrong Colony in the Sea of Tranquility, the first permanent out world colony, in 206
2066 The UN is dissolved ("The Gathering"). [Date is given in *Game* as 2107]

An unnamed alien species in the Eridani Sector begins to receive broadcasts from space, including some from Earth

2072 13 August   Ares 13 crashes on Mars. All seven crewmembers die

The Indonesian Consortium, trying to annex several Pacific Rim nations, allies with Pakistan and the UIN (United Islamic Nations). Trouble begins between Pakistan and India, leading to global warfare. World War III (OM).

2085 The Earth Alliance is established after the ravages of WWIII
2087 The Earth Alliance is established.  It does not, as yet, comprise the entire globe.
2095 The Deep Probe project begins to search for extraterrestrial life
2101 Humans return to Mars, setting up small scientific exploration and military bases
2112 The French are involved in some sort of totalitarian governmental coup
2113 The Centauri conquer the Narn
2115 June   An article is published in the New England Journal of Medicine, suggesting the proof of telepathy.  The EA government establishes a Committee on Metasensory Regulation, headed by Senator Lee Crawford, to oversee the Telepath situation

3 October   Research undertaken by Johns Hopkins verifies the existence of Telepaths. This begins a major panic, and global slaughter of suspected telepaths.

5 December   Pope Pius XV embraces the Telepaths.

Desa Alexander, as "Blood", is a leader of a cult known as the "Katun Prophesy". Jack O'Hannlon, "Monkey", is with her. Most of the cult is slaughtered by their leaders fleeing anti-telepath forces (N-Dark Genesis).

Kevin Vacit's mother dies, protecting him from anti-telepath hunters.

2116 There is a major earthquake in San Francisco
2117 EA, led by Senator Lee Crawford, establishes the MRA, (Metasensory Regulation Authority) to monitor and regulate Telepaths, for their own protection.

Desa Alexander begins to work for MRA. Jack O'Hannlon leaves her to establish a telepathic underground. Desa Alexander's daughter, Brenna, is born.

2132 EarthDome is under construction in Geneva.
2148 18 January   Interplanetary Expeditions (IPX) establishes their eighth experimental station near Syria Planum
2150 Centauri begin their decline from power [Date is estimated].

Zathras born [Note this date is NOT exact since Math is not Zathra's strong suit.]

Last real contact between the Vorlons and the Minbari (JSMC).

San Diego destroyed by nuclear terrorists.

2152 September   William Kurges, a telepath in Earth Force Security, stops 3 terrorist plots during his career and dies saving the life of EA President Elizabeth Robinson. She passes equal opportunity laws, and establishes Psi Corps from the Committee on Psychic Phenomenon.
2153 The USS Copernicus, a deep range exploration ship is launched (Will and Mariah Sirrus)
2155 Solis Planum is designated the site for Mars One, the first Martian colony (JMSM).

The Chaipas Incident. 100 rogue telepaths martyr themselves, by burning themselves to death in a church, rather than submit to the MRA

2155 The religion of Foundationism established
2157 7 April   The Centauri contact the Earth Alliance, claiming that Earth is a lost Centauri Colony.  They lease the humans time on their jump gates, and eventually humanity is able to build jump gates of their own.

Internal Security Act establishes the Psi Corps from the MRA and the Mix. The first administrator of the Psi Corps is Lee Crawford. He is assassinated on his way to meet the first Centauri Ambassador.

At some point after this Kevin Vacit becomes Director of the Psi Corps.

2158 Battle of Nu'Skok. The Centauri lose "the Eye

Earthdome is completed in Geneva

2161 12 April   Psi Corps established
2167 About this time, the technomage, Julius Blocker, developed a nanovirus to assist one side in a war, and kills the entire population of an unnamed world in three days
2169 20 July   768 Colonists, piloted and led by John Carter, migrate to the Mars colony making it a stable, self-sufficient Colony
2173 The Psi Corps build a secret research facility in Syria Planum to study alien technology
2177 15 November   The Mars Colony main dome is destroyed in a sneak attack by Earth Isolationist terrorists, which kills 487 people, including John Carter. [The Free Mars group has members who have been on Mars for a century.

Regula 4 is settled by low tech separatists

2189 July   Jenny Winters is captured by the Psi Corps. The first telepath brought in as the Psi Corps cripple the Underground. Fionna Temple and Matthew Dexter are killed (N-Dark Genesis, N-Deadly Relations).

Alfred Bester (nee Steven Kevin Dexter) is turned over to the Psi Corps,

2190 Garibaldi's Grandmother is a Boston Police Officer
2195 Jha'dur (Deathwalker) born on Omelos, Caliban sector
2196 Al Bester is punished for betraying another Cadre Prime member
2198 The Centauri give humanity the technology to begin terraforming Mars. They start by melting the Southern Ice Cap
2200 Mars Colony begin to talk of independence from Earth.

The Baseball team 'Blue Jays' were sold to the Mars Consortium in 2200.

*Delenn born

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